What Does it mean to be Catholic?

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I believe that to be catholic you must live the life of a catholic. To live the life of a catholic you must respect the beliefs of Catholics and express them through everything you do. I will go over various aspects of Catholic beliefs and explain how to follow them.

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Page 1 Introduction: This page goes into more detail the reasoning behind my beliefs.
Page 2 daily responsibilities of being a catholic: This page goes into the natural responsibilities that come with the phrase I am a Catholic
Page 3 How to follow Jesus Christ: This page explains how you can follow Jesus Christ our Savior the messaiah
Page 4 Signs of God in our daily lives: This page explains how god works through us and how to recognize his work.
Page 5 How to pray and ways to live: This goes into how you should pray and how to look at life in order to live it.
Page 6 reconciling for mistakes: This explains how we reconcile when we wrong others and why we should do it.
Page 7 My personal beliefs: This goes into my personal faith standards.
Page 8 Conclusion: This wraps up my opening statement and states my own personal opinions on the matter.

These beliefs do not neccessarily reflect the beliefs the catholic church or any catholic officials and I cannot be held responsible if someone thinks they do etc. etc.